Meet the Trainer



My love of animals started pretty much the day I was born. My passion for dogs and training eventually led me to become avidly involved in rescue and have been doing so for over 20 years. Originally from Alberta, I recently moved with my husband and furry friends to the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario.
Over the years, I have volunteered extensively with organizations including the Animal Rescue Foundation of Alberta (ARF), the Pet Access League Society (PALS), the Calgary Humane Society, Lakefield Animal Welfare Society (LAWS), and Doggytime Canine Care and Rescue.
“Don’t punish, TEACH” is the training philosophy of both myself and Canine Correspondence Studies founder Norma Jeanne Laurette. Dogs are fantastic communicators if we learn to understand their language. The key for us as humans is to understand their language and what drives them. I will help you teach your dog to become a valued family member and good canine citizen in an often not so kind human world. A firm believer in building the human/canine bond through trust, understanding, and communication, I will help you learn how to train your dog in a positive, fun and motivational manner.

Nice words from my mentor


I met Jackie many years ago through our combined passion for rescue animals. Over the years I have watched her knowledge and skill grow, not in a small part because of the behavioural challenges animals in her life have presented. She has a softness and passion for dogs and a gift for helping their people understand their furry companions on a higher level.