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Puppy Fundamentals (for puppies under 20 weeks) - 4 week class, $120 

The critical socialization period for puppies is before 20 weeks of age. Puppies develop and solidify their impression of the world during this time. What they experience in this period determines how adaptable, calm and confident they’ll be as adults. This class will help you to socialize your puppy to people, dogs, sights and sounds in a safe and positive environment. These classes are designed to teach you how to encourage appropriate behaviour and set boundaries. Learn the most important skills a dog needs, such as bite inhibition, recall, house training, appropriate dog-dog skills and more. Start building a strong relationship with your puppy based on mutual trust, understanding, respect and of course, love!

These classes will allow ample opportunity for puppy playtime in a supervised and safe environment. 

We do encourage you to join these classes as soon as possible because  early socialization has been proven to have lifelong benefits.

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Oak Shores Community Centre

Free Puppy Party

for puppies up to 5 months

Lots of puppy socialization and play time

Opportunity to meet the instructor and sign up for Basic Manners 101

Refreshments, grab bags, prizes, pizza and softdrinks

Reserve your spot for Basic Manners 101 as class size is limited

Basic Manners 101 (for puppies 5 months to 1 year) - 6 week class - $200

These training courses are the first step in developing a lifelong bond with your furry family member. Learn positive, gentle, scientifically proven methods to help communicate how you want your dog to behave. These classes are kept small (maximum of 8 dogs) to ensure every dog/handler team has the individual attention needed. All students enrolled in any group classes receive necessary handouts, e-mail and/or phone support.

Requirements: Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations. To attend Basic Manners classes your dog must be calm and sociable around other dogs and humans. Examples of fearful and reactive behaviours: raised hackles, barking, lunging, growling, cowering, etc. If you are experiencing these behaviours look at Fear and Reactive classes or Private Sessions.

Dogs must be wearing a flat, buckle collar or front clip harness with a 6 foot leash. No choke collars, prong collars, and no flexi-leashes will be allowed in class.

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

2:00 pm

Oak Shores Community Centre

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Class sizes are limited.