I met Jackie almost two years ago and besides the wonderful friendship we’ve developed, she’s most certainly become a tremendous asset to my Dog Rescue! Jackie has selflessly volunteered her time, and has also aided many other organizations. 

As the founder of Doggytime Canine Care & Rescue, my focus is on saving as many dogs as possible. Jackie has helped me to achieve this with her unconditional support and expertise in dog training. 

Although Doggytime offers training and behavioural counselling, two heads are often better than one and Jackie has assisted me many times with difficult cases. Together we’ve managed to rehabilitate even the most challenging dogs!

Jackie’s training abilities coupled with years of experience enables her to take on each behavioural case with confidence. Where many others would give up, Jackie always stays positive to achieve the desired goal for each and every dog. Her energy not only reflects back on the dogs, but keeps me focused as well.

I truly look at Jackie as a blessing and know that countless dogs out there are safe and balanced because of her.

Carmella Barry

Doggytime Canine Care & Rescue

Trent Hills, ON


My fearful and reactive tri-pawed Chance and I have had an ongoing relationship with Jackie for over two years. With her guidance, Chance has progressed to the point of easier acceptance of men, tolerance of other dogs and even liking a couple. Jackie has also trained ME! I’m just as much a work in progress as Chance. She has taught us so much about canine body language and communication that our walks are a pleasure most of the time. Chance will never be “high level obedience” but with Jackie’s help she/we are now able to navigate an unfriendly and unsympathetic world to a reactive dog. I would highly recommend Jackie for any of your training needs. She goes above and beyond to help you understand your pup in all aspects of life. 

Kathy and Chance (Ontario)


We first met Jackie when we moved to Calgary.  My husband worked full-time and I worked part-time.  We have a 60 lb shepherd/labrador named Jack that we had literally picked up off the freeway in the middle of nowhere a year before.  He has always been pretty mellow and well-balanced but he did have a fear of larger dogs (ironically!) and would shy away from encounters (it’s impossible to avoid larger breeds in Calgary dog parks).    We lived in a neighbourhood without fences and did not want him to be cooped up on days when we could not be home. 

We scanned through listings of dog trainers/walkers and I was certain we had a winner with Jackie.  She’s also mellow and well-balanced (!!!) and Jack was smitten immediately (belly rubs are the best).  She had a handful of dogs, all at least Jack’s size, who she was also working with and he was a bit intimidated at first but seemed to trust Jackie to show him the way.  Jackie eased him into her group, letting him get to know the pack, watching over their interactions, taking them to the most wonderful places to lope free in fields and swim in lakes.  He did quickly come to learn the sound (far away) of her car approaching and would start whining and running back and forth from me to the door waiting for her arrival.  (Joyous reunion!  We haven’t seen each other in a whole day!!!)

She worked with Jack on some of his reactions and fears, I never ever saw her use anything but positive reinforcements to shape the dogs’ behaviours, and he continues to be the most outstanding dog imaginable.  I quite proudly state (though I had nothing to do with it) that Jack was featured on a nightly news program out of Calgary when there was a proposal to have a tag on dogs’ collars indicating their level of friendliness/aggression.  Jack was shown along with the phrase, “Green means the dog is NOT aggressive,” happily running with Jackie’s pack at an off-leash dog park. 

We have always thought of our dogs as our children (just furrier than our human ones) and we trust Jackie so much that when we had to run out of town, we were tremendously pleased that she would watch over Jack.  Her dogs welcomed him and shared their home with him easily – everyone jumping on each other’s beds and playing with toys, which, just like human children, I think is reflective of how wonderful of a pet-parent she is.  Jackie firmly believes in helping animals (and their humans; I think of her as a very good friend now, even though we moved away from Calgary after only four years), is active with rescue groups, has given me so much help in dog psychology and positive training techniques.  I cannot emphasize enough what a lovely person she is and how much we trust her to know the latest research on dog training (and, again, human training for dogs) and to dispense this wisdom with great joy and effectiveness.

Sheryl and Jack (Alberta)



Met Jackie and Mike when my pup was 4 months old (75% old English bull dog 25% boxer stubborn breed mix).

Since I had zero knowledge of dog training, Jackie was able to educate me in the ways of training and socialization of my dog ( Hawk ). Through her knowledge and patience I was able to get Hawk socialized with other dogs and people. Hawk is now 80 lbs and completely socialized with all walks of life. With Jackie's help, by the time he was 1 years old, he was walking on leash with minimal pulling. At 2 years of age, Hawk and I were going for walks on long line in the forest. Now at 2 1/2 years old, we are going for off leash walks and he is obeying all commands that are needed in the forest ( come, stay, back and no).

Thank you Jackie! 

Keith and Hawk (Ontario)


Oh my goodness, the improvements! I purchased a kong, and followed the instructions however, he could not be bothered with it. It's quite funny. I remember you saying that we just needed to find what makes the dog 'tick'; our company. It's not food or treats or toys, it's just us. We took a leap of faith one day and let him free off leash on our property, and all he did was sit there and look at us. We threw a stick (he LOVES sticks) and he ran as fast as he could to get it and ran right back to us. When we tell him 'time to go in' he runs straight for the door. 

I no longer have to trick him when I leave, he lets me go. He still does his sit-stays, but lay-down stays are still a work in progress, although he'll do them every time if he thinks a treat is involved. When I leave he whines, but he does not jump on the door anymore. I no longer have to plan to leave an hour before I normally do because he now knows that I'll come back.

The BIGGEST thing, the teeth showing, it is no longer :) I practiced what you taught me : When he's showing teeth, have treats on me, and turn to my side and not say anything, but continue to stand my ground. I continued to practice this, and eventually it led to his surrender (which I rewarded) and I was able to just sit with him. He no longer hovers around the bedroom door in constant fixation. Because of his progress in this domain, Pierre and I made the decision to no longer put him in my office at night. He barks a little when I come home from work around 11 pm, but as soon as he sees me in the door, he stops and greets me with kisses. 

As mentioned, Pierre and I took him canoe camping, and he was simply amazing. he rode in the canoe, a little shaky at first but he loves it! He jumps in voluntarily and is ready for adventures. 

Thank you so much for your tips and help, it was so nice of you and Pierre and I are so grateful to you.

Sam, Pierre, and Casa (Ontario)


Jackie is an incredible dog trainer! She reached out to me when we had adopted a rescue puppy that had food aggression and was targeting my youngest child. She was able to do distance work with me over the phone to problem solve issues that our puppy Bear was exhibiting. She was incredibly calm and supportive through a very trying time in our family as the new puppy adjusted, and is still adjusting! Without Jackie, we might have found a new home for Bear. Thank you Jackie!

Rachelle and Bear (Ontario)



Jackie was a dog walker for my pup Ceili. She trained her to have excellent recall when off-leash at the park during pack walks. She also trained her to stop at the top of the stairs and not run ahead anxious to get outside. I am truly grateful for these things as I have a very well-behaved dog who loves other dogs and people just the same. The behaviours that Jackie taught Ceili have stuck and I’m so happy they had time to get to know each other and have adventures at the dog park. I highly recommend Jackie for training, guidance, and walking!

Kerry and Ceili (Alberta)


We first met Jackie at a dog training class. Jackie started to walk our dog Raelyn when she was a very high spirited puppy. Jackie walked Rae twice a week and worked on training with her. Jackie’s walks and training have made Rae a confident, well-mannered and loving dog. We are so grateful for the time Jackie spent with our four-legged family member.

Victor, Cheryl and Raelyn (Alberta)


We had recently moved back to Calgary and my dog wasn’t used to being left at home alone all day. Luckily for us we found Jackie Pritchard soon after. My dog was instantly in love and enjoyed her daily walks. Jackie also provided boarding when I was out of town. Ab loved her sleepovers and I loved that I could leave without a worry. Jackie has such a way with animals. We miss her in Calgary.

Mindy and Abbey (Alberta)



We trusted Jackie completely with our Belgian Shepherd, “Jonah”. She really knows dogs and Jonah was so happy going with her for walks, training, and boarding. We couldn’t recommend Jackie highly enough and knew that when Jackie was looking after him, he was getting the best of care. 

David, Jill and Jonah (Alberta)


Jackie's compassion for animals is such a gift! It took us a while to find a dog walker that would take the same kind of care of our pup with hip dysplasia as we did, who would respect his pace, and acknowledge when he needed extra rests and belly rubs. Then we met Jackie, and were confident that Ollie would never come home sore or exhausted. She always intuitively knew just what he needed, and his time with her was always his favourite part of the day! We highly recommend her to anyone who has a dog with special needs, or anyone who just wants their animal to be treated like family by the person who walks him! We are so grateful for Jackie! 

Barb and Ollie (Alberta)

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